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Frequently asked Questions

Water Damage to living room

What is a public adjuster or Private Adjuster?
A public adjuster is a State Licensed expert, who has knowledge and experience in Property Claim Adjustments. "Public Adjusters represent policyholders in disputes with their insurance companies" We handle all aspects of the claim. From the beginning, to end. Filing the claim, writing the damage estimate, preparing necessary documents and negotiating with the Insurance company. This relieves you, the property owner of the confusing paperwork and troublesome calls and appointments. 

Why is it better to use a Public Adjuster instead of relying on the Insurance company’s adjuster. The insurance company adjuster is employed exclusively by the insurance company where his loyalties are. We work for your best interests exclusively.
Why should I hire a public adjusters to get what's rightfully due me?
Do you really know what is rightfully due you? We do! We are your exclusive representatives. With our experience and knowledge, we are far more capable of bringing about a favorable, satisfactory, and equitable adjustment. 

How do public adjusters determine the actual loss?
We take a physical inventory of your damage with your assistance, prepare the estimate of damages to your building, and obtain other pertinent documentation to determine your loss of rents, business interruption or additional living expenses. We make certain that all provisions in your insurance policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps of which you may know little or nothing about, but can make a significant impact on the outcome of the amount for your final settlement.

Why isn’t a Contractor's estimate acceptable to use in negotiation of my Settlement? Building contractors do not have experience in interpreting insurance policies and how they apply to a property loss. Contractors also write a competitive estimate (Lowest bid) to get the job.

Will my Claim be settled faster with the if I use a public adjuster?
The Insurance company has 90 days to pay your claim…..whether you hire a public adjuster or not….however We know exactly what is necessary to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. A great deal of time can be saved by having our professional public adjuster handle your loss.
We handle Large Loss, Underpaid, Residential and commercial