Public Adjusting Specialist & Negotiations of South Florida

Detailed Inspection

We pay close attention to every detail of your claim.  Property damages can come from a hidden source, but our experts have the knowledge and expertise to investigate and discover all loss
sources and get a team in to start recovery

 we will begin the process of your claim with your Insurance Company and they will know you have a professional on your side to navigate your claim for a Successful result.       
Toilet line leak flood

Toilet line breakage = Water damage

Immediately turn off the line to stop additional damage/you may have to turn water off to the entire property. Dry as much as possible. You always want to make an effort to stop additional damage- then call us.

Public Adjusters assist with your Insurance claim to get you the best settlement

House fire, smoke damage

Fire and Smoke

First thing to do:  Make sure your family is out of the property safely from exposure to smoke and heat.   Call 911 of course.  Never go back in.   Call us. we will handle things from there.

Water damage andmold


This can cause very serious health issues if exposed for any length of time>  Contact me , at your first sign of damage.  It must be first contained safely by a Licensed Mold Remediation Company.  Call us, Lets look at your policy coverage's.

Estimating Xactimate Estimates

Xactimate Estimating Service

Real Estate owned Property Estimates, Additions, Remodeling and New Construction

Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Mortgage Companies and Home owners

Xactimate Software Certified 

Common Claims/Perils  Flooding, Sewer Back-up, Roof Damage,  Drywall Damage, Ceiling Damage, Smoke, Damage, Fire, Lighting, Boiler Explosion, Theft, Vandalism, Hurricane, Hail, Earthquake, Windstorm, Water Damage, Flood, Sink Hole, Riot. Wind Storm and Building Damage by: Airplane, Automobile